Social Policy, Cultural Integration and Faith: A Muslim Reflection

Published in: Social Policy and Society Journal / Volume 11 / Issue 04 / October 2012, pp. 625-635.


This article is a reflection on some of the discussions around faith and public life, within the context of Muslim communities and their interaction with public policy. It looks at the gap between popular debates on Muslims and the actual lived socio-economic reality of most people of Muslim background, and then goes on to look at aspects of identity formation and Muslim identity politics in the UK. It also considers the idea of integration and looks briefly at emerging Islamic discourses that are grappling with some of the challenges presented by modern British society. Finally, the article explores the role of faith in the public sphere and if it can help to build social capital and play a role in ideas such as the Big Society. The article concludes by emphasising the need to move beyond identity politics and communitarianism and asks where the real divides in society are – between religious and ideological groups or within them?

Link to this article here or download here: Social Policy, Cultural Integration and Faith

How to cite this article:

Dilwar Hussain (2012). Social Policy, Cultural Integration and Faith: A Muslim Reflection. Social Policy and Society, 11, pp. 625-635 doi:10.1017/S1474746412000292.


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