‘Koran Burning’: The Qur’an should exist in the heart and soul of Muslims; let them burn ink and paper if they want

Of course the symbolism of even the suggestion to ritually and publicly burn a religious text is deeply offensive and has been rightly criticised and condemned from every quarter, almost uniting the world. The angle I’m interested in, after all the criticisms, is: how should Muslims react? It is very likely that a burning may go ahead, despite the criticisms mentioned.

Well, here is a chance for someone else to take the ‘idiot of the week award’ in the media, why spoil that?! Instead, I fear that even more protests, demonstrations and flag & effigy burnings are being planned. For a culture that is supposed to be free of idolatry, effigy making seems to be a remarkably profitable business in Muslim countries!

Even if the burning goes ahead, lets take it in our stride. If the reaction is as wild as the provocation, then bigots all over the world will have a new hook to use when they want to provoke ever-willing Muslim masses into hysteria. Its not that we should do nothing, but act with wisdom just as the Qur’an itself teaches us. Surely that is the best way of respecting it in the face of such ignorance?


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